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Veronica Mars Season 1 Eps 10&11 Reviewed

An Echolls Family Christmas

It’s Christmas in Neptune and there is no ding dong merrily on high. Veronica has to find out who stole the pot during “a $5000 card game played by idiots.” Lynn Echolls plans her Christmas party and is drooled over by Logan’s friends while Aaron is stalked by a deranged ex.

A deranged pumpkin carved in Aaron’s likeness shows up. Veronica drools over an actor’s abs and sniffs out a fake 09er. Keith learns the extent of Aaron’s cheating. Various demented versions of Christmas carols play on the soundtrack as the dark side of 09er life is laid bare in this somewhat mediocre episode.

It is revealed that Lynn was friendly with the Mars family prior to their downfall and Duncan finally comments on Logan’s jerk behaviour. A Sadie Casablancas is mentioned, where did she go and when was she replaced by Kendall who showed up in season 2? It seems Celeste Kane set up the threatening photos of Veronica. Our girl Veronica apparently has great poker playing skills even if she somehow develops man hands during the card dealing close-ups.

Best Lines:
Protect me from the big bad sweater vest wearing rich boys.”

“Before me you sat in your underwear in a fish tank at the Standard.”

“You’ve got a bit of a shoplifting problem; you are really bad at it.”

“Christmas in Neptune is, was and always will be about the trappings. The lights and the tinsel they use to cover up the sordidness, the corruption.”

Silence of the Lamb

Keith deals with the E-String Strangler case and Veronica learns that Mac was switched at birth with none other than evil cheerleader Madison Sinclair. As Keith is his usual terrible investigator self, Mac stews over Madison getting the 09er life, huge library and string quartet serenading her in the school grounds.

Mac’s smug attitude to her family is really annoying; she thinks they are dumb rednecks and that her bio family are sophisticated perfection. Her bio family can’t be that great, look how Madison turned out. It seems bio mom is regretting keeping her accidental daughter as she and Mac share a moment at the end of the ep.

Veronica meets Deputy Leo and uses him to steal stuff from the Lilly Kane murder file. Leo is suspended as a result; Veronica can’t even admit what she did as Leo mutters that he was warned about her. But Veronica soon forgets what she did to Leo as she learns that Kane henchman Clarence phoned in the Abel Koontz tip-off.

This was another mediocre ep, Veronica doesn’t care what fallout her actions have on other people. All she cares about is that the truth floweth forth.

Best Lines:
“Nobody talks to him, he’s poor.”

“That’s my daughter.”
“Wouldn’t mind having her call me daddy.”

“Your mom sued her parents for emaciation when she was 16 and then moved to Hollywood. According to the Internet Movie Database she went on to play such roles as Trucker’s Girlfriend, Screaming Maid and Bicurious Roommate.”

“Your mother was married in 1985 for 36 days.”
“Shut up.”
“To a pro skier she met on spring break. They drove to Vegas, did it drive thru style and she had it annulled.”
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