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Jericho Season 2 Review, part 2

Termination For Cause

People are out for Goetz's blood now Bonnie is dead and Mimi injured. But
Beck, who has terrible people skills, says that isn't going to happen.
Stanley shoots Goetz in the head anyway. Meanwhile New Bern whine about
being punished for their warmongering murderousness. This was good.


Memorable Line: "The Rangers were saving lives back when you couldn't have
found Jericho on a map."

Beck is angry about Goetz's fate so he has Jake dragged off for some
questioning. After three days without sleep or food Jake is hallucinating
wildly. So Eric and Gail plot a rescue and the irate Jericho citizens riot.
Another good one.

Patriots And Tyrants

This season has moved at a breakneck pace and here we have the final ever
ep. Beck reads Hawkins laptop (which isn't password protected) and learns
what is really going on. Meanwhile Hawkins and Jake try to get evidence
about the attacks to Texas to undermine the ASOA. So in the end Beck rebels,
the citizens of Jericho rebel and Jake and Hawkins are in Texas and a new
American Civil War is about to erupt.

This was okay and not an entirely satisfying end for the series. The unaired
ending was better. Still the dogfight between Texas and the ASOA was great. 
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