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Book Review: Warrior Enchantresses, part 1

Warrior Enchantresses by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch and Martin H. Greenberg, part 1
This 1996 anthology focuses on the masters of martial and magical arts.

The World Well Lost
By Tanith Lee. Kleoptra does a ritual before battle that will decide her fate. This is over-written and does not prove its necessity. It has no thematic tension and is less good than hoped.

Best Lines:
“Who believed that they loved her.”

“She had a right to gods.”

Auour The DeepMinded
Vikings head to Iceland. This was a jarring disappointment.

Of The Deaths Of Kings
By Melanie Rawn. This is a tale of mischance in a heralded past that is now passing. This is a woefully inadequate tale of bleak misery.

Best Line:
“Seemly clothes.”

The Warrior And The Dragon’s Son
A tale of a Khan that is all banality.

Earthen Mound
A tale of vodun. This does not restore clarity.

The Ginseng Potion
An okay tale of Mulan and her well-honed artifice.

The Mist Of Melusine
A good tale of Elizabeth Woodville who makes a promise to what she worships in secret.

Going Back To Clochis
A good tale of what became of Maeda and her ever vacillating moral compass.

Best Line:
“Men secrets,”
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