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SEAL Team 1x04 + Shadowhunters 2x04 Reviewed

Ghosts Of Christmas Past
Some people mumble about problem behaviour. The team end up in another seething melee. Jason takes on aggressive and confrontational approach to everything. There are no vital narrative notes. Various characters are walking social issues. This ep is full of unforgivable shortcomings. There is mumbling and jingoism and this was inconsequential. C. Thomas Howell shows up as Spenser’s even more annoying father.

The team practice grabbing a guy through a car window. Jason and his wife have more issues. Jason gets recognised on the mission. Spenser has no emotional maturity. The CIA bimbo whines. There are meaningful glances.

Best Lines:
“Everybody likes me.”

“Makes his name machine-gunning civilians.”

Day Of Wrath
Jace is held in the City Of Bones. This was not emotionally charged and it was not realistically dark. Bane is insufferable. Jace faces more conspiratorial abuse. Jocelyn does gag-inducing whining. Nobody is morally driven and this was not sincerely touching. This was brutally dull. The malediction Hodge shows up. Simon whines. A demon attacks and the Clave thinks everything about Jace indicates bad character. A menacing promise is made.

Jace faces deep unfairness. Bane plots. There is bad acting and there is a death. There is monotone plain affect bad acting. Simon needs to go away. He is a toerag. Valentine shows up, showing off his unfettered madness. Nice guy Simon shoves Jace aside to have Clary to himself. I detest Simon. He’s such a Nice Guy.

Best Lines:
“I am Valentine’s weapon.”

“I’m honing.”

“Unmerciful to the bone.”

“Hold Hannibal Lecter and a few of his friends.”

“Boytoy shadow hunter.”

“Be careful where you aim.”
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