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Movie Review: Those Glory Glory Days (1983)

This TV movie originally aired as part of Channel 4’s ‘First Love’ series. It begins as the sole female football pundit faces sexism and then she is given a lift to Fleet Street by her childhood hero. She recalls how she and her 3 childhood friends were big Spurs fans back in 1961. This tries but has no emotional pathos.

This was grim and there are unflinching chav accents. This was not shocking, harrowing or hard to watch. There is talk of HP sauce and the girls are woefully underprepared for life. This was futile. The heroine’s parents have a cold war never fully or coherently explained. The friends babble about The Double.

There is class snobbery and no naturalistic portrayals of ordinary British life. There is no naturalistic, realistic portraiture. Acting is so understated as to be non-existent. This was unremittingly dull as the gawky looking heroine causes social embarrassment by being tragic and faintly ludicrous.

Nobody has common decency. Adults have shifty eyed silence. The heroine is unbound by social convention causing chaos and embarrassment by her love of football. She causes chaos in Home Ec class by starting a fight. The heroine and her friends are genuinely deranged with rampant hatred of Arsenal. This provokes no awe and wonder.

The heroine is stupid and oblivious to her parents. Logic and reason are soundly ignored. This TV movie is bereft of purpose. The heroine, Julia, and her pals Toni, Jailbird and Tub plot to get Cup tickets. Julia is selfish and her parents are banally loathsome but she does get a lift from Danny Blanchflower in the end.

Best Lines:
“A Shilling’s a lot of money.”

“Do we live on the docks?”

“Pedestrian crossing lobby.”

“I’ve got important people to see.”

“Ballet’s yuch!”
“No it’s not! No it’s not!”

“Footballer’s blow their noses and look at it!”

“God kicking a football.”

“Pink brushed nylon.”

“Wear the name of your favourite Spurs player on your bra. If applicable.”

“Don’t know what I had to go through last night at the Women’s Guild!”

“Not the respectable married women’s vote!”

“Pen-friends programme.”

“What’s man’s going to want that?”
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