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Movie Reviews: A Quiet Place + Thoroughbreds + Speed

A Quiet Place (2018)
This mostly silent horror movie stars John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt as parents protecting their children from monsters or are they aliens? It is never clear. Anyway the monsters hunt by sound so the family must make no sound to live. Krasinski’s never named father must have been a crazy paranoid prepper before the monsters showed up because he has adapted scarily well to the primal post-apoc world. There are late night signal fires that show the presence of other survivors but later on, there are no signal fires. That and the lack of radio broadcasts suggest that humanity is being driven to extinction by the monsters. The ending and fate of the family is ambiguous. One question: why does Blunt have waxed legs in the apocalypse?

Best Lines (well, signed):
“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
“Yes there is!”

Thoroughbreds (2018)
Two well groomed posh girls hatch a murder plot in their immaculately designed mcmansions. Anya Taylor-Joy pouts and this is an okay tale of chilly rich nihilist sociopaths and an evil jerk step dad (Paul Sparks of ‘House Of Cards’) and a checked out mother. The late Anton Yelchin has a pointless role as a drug dealing sex offender.

Best Line:
“’Swimfan’ over there.”

Speed (1994)
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