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SEAL Team 1x03 + The City And The City (2018) 1x01 Reviewed

Boarding Party
Jason’s lame bitch wife is always creating tension. Spenser is laughably boring and thoroughly unmemorable. This ep is not even pleasingly mundane. A research vessel is hijacked. There is technobabbling. Spenser and his bimbo bore. There is no emotional realism just mumbling. This was astonishingly bad.

Best Lines:
“I never liked you.”
“And yet you’re marrying me.”

“Do your drinking there.”

“Some real Chuck Norris action.”

“I’ve been punched, shot and stabbed. Got frag in my shoulder twice. An RPG almost killed me.”

BBC2 adapted this flop from a book I’ve never read. It makes no sense and is full of constant swearing. Somewhere a city is actually 2 cities divided in two. Each city chooses to literally not see the other and not interact. Then a dead woman (but of course) is found in the green, brown and grubby city and it seems she was killed in the other bright shiny city.

There is mumbling about not being permitted to look, voice over narration, an adopted tongue and the hero has a missing wife. People yell about breach and David Morrissey looks sad. There are rumours of a third city and no, just NO.

Best Lines:
“That’s brown stuff.”

“Food for the kids and clothes comes first. Then crack. Conditioner’s way down the list.”

“That place. Again.”

“The cities love hating each other.”

“Avert Decorum.”

“Either bemused or irritated.”
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