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The Assassination Of Gianni Versace 2x06

Andrew hangs out with David and Jeff. Andrew does coke and is all ineffectuality. This was formulaic as Andrew mooches off his latest sugar daddy (Michael Nouri) and has ugly fury and faces moral indignation. Lee shows up. Everyone’s more interesting than Andrew and he’s not exactly impressing people with his fake life and lies. This was not madly inspiring.

There are no moral values. Andrew has screaming rages and gets physically violent and lacks essential decency and self respect. He’s a disputatious unwelcome presence. Andrew was crazy and entirely without any merit. He was adamantly terrible and couldn't muster the barest level of politeness. Andrew did meth and ranted and got no comfort from his equally crazy awful mother.

Best Lines:
“I don’t mind being disliked.”

“Too lazy to work and too proud to be kept.”

“It’s ordinary!”

“Nothing man.”

“I like long stories.”

“I don’t do gutter drugs.”

“Advice? How delightful!”

“Whose love.”

Doubt 1x04

Clean Burn
Billy’s mom knows he did it, all the viewers know he did it and yet Sadie still defends him. Sadie helps her ex-BFF. Sadie and her co-workers see themselves as the only moral lawyers in town and see the DA and co as evil-doers. Sadie is a ghastly person who possibly has BPD.

Billy is obviously guilty as sin. The firm handles the retrial of an arsonist who killed his children in a fire and was abusive to his ex-wife. They don’t care about the abuse, the two dead children or his ex-wife. Lawrence Pressman and Carl Lumbly guest star. This was completely meritless. The lawyers shrug off the bad things their clients do. Nobody has moral rectitude.

There are flagrant breaches of the law. Sadie’s ex-BFF is awful. The child killer gets acquitted. Sadie is emotionally abused by Billy some more and declares her love for him. No wonder this was cancelled.

Best Lines:
“Grand standing egomaniac.”

“Our moms were friends in prison.”

“Feeding his disgusting animal natural wilderness salmon!”

The Americans 5x04

What’s The Matter With Kansas?
Henry’s taller and being paid attention do. Philip and Elizabeth do constant devaluation of him. Philip goes honey-dicking. Oleg talks to his mother. Elizabeth and Philip still run their fake travel agency. Philip badmouths their ignored son. Meanwhile his other son crosses borders.

Elizabeth goes honey-potting. Oleg does boring things. Stan and co are disgusting. Pastor Tim annoys. Paige snoops. Stan is irrefutably terrible. There is persistent fear and anxiety. Oleg’s mother gives him a talking to.

Best Lines:
“This is who we fight?”

“Take it out of the trash and finish it.”

Timeless 2x01

The War To End All Wars
Lucy’s mother is awful and evil. People run around in 1918. Some dude in 1918 has an iphone. Wouldn’t the battery go flat with no way to charge it? Mason Industries is blown up and 6 weeks pass. Wyatt tantrums. I’ve no idea what is going on or why. Lucy hangs out with her mom and evil Emma.

Matt Lanter overacts and Emma bitches at Lucy and reveals she has ensured that Lucy can never come back. This was not perennially surprising. Nobody has moral values or standard ideas of morality. Lucy kills a guy, cue emotional ramifications. Marie Curie and her daughter Irene show up doing x-rays for ungrateful doctors in 1918. Wyatt finally asks some questions. Mason whines.

The baddies are planting sleeper cells throughout time. An unimpressive new baddie shows up. Poor Flynn is locked up and I did not like this.

Best Lines:
“American Committee For Devastated France.”

“We need to talk.”
“Not to you.”

“A bunch of ranting like ‘Mein Kampf’ by Philip K Dick.”

“It’s all come to pass.”

“Somewhere between ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Handmaid’s Tale’.”

“All run and gun.”

“That’s not troubling.”

“What regiment are you with?”
“The black one.”

“How long has this guy been here?”

“His body’s riddled with shrapnel.”
“Take it out!”
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