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Kings Episode 5 Review


Silas redraws the map of his country to ensure peace with Gath. Some people object to this including David’s family. Meanwhile Jack and his Uncle plot to dethrone Silas, a gold-digger buys respectability from Silas and there’s a traitor at the very heart of Silas’ inner circle.

David’s family riot and then disown him. David’s lip wobbles; maybe this would be more effective if David wasn’t played by such a flat, charisma free actor. Michelle has a hissy fit and gets taken hostage as a result. Jack pouts and has tantrums. Silas turns out to have been playing a long game and the gold-digger (Leslie Bibb of ‘Popular’ and ‘Iron Man’) turns out to be an ally.

This was okay. Ian McShane as Silas owns this show; he leaves David and his idiot children in the shade. If you thought nothing could top McShane’s role in ‘Deadwood’ then you need to see this stylised, over-theatrical and exquisitely odd show.

Best Lines:
“God will choose the next king of this realm, not you.”

“I sold my reputation for a lot of money. I want to buy it back.”

“You should be careful accepting gifts from your uncle. They’re never actually gifts.”

“The people have the right to mock, scorn, criticize and burn unflattering photographs in effigy.”

“You have no evidence against them, should some be manufactured?”
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