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Book Reviews: The Night Parade + Blood And Salt + Z For Zachariah

The Night Parade by Ronald Malfi
Humanity is being wiped out by a plague but a little girl is immune and her selfish berk father goes on the run. He is uncaring if humanity dies. This is a terrible boring novel. I hated it.

Blood And Salt by Kim Liggett
Ash sees visions that are connected to her mother’s crazed muttering about the cult she fled. Instead of seeing a shrink, Ash and her brother run away to the cult which is located in a cornfield. Cue instalove, death, bizarre rituals, death, lies, stupidity, magic, plotting and morons.

This is a tale of highly idealised love and cold-blooded intentions. One cannot once claim to have been remotely impressed by it. It fails to excite and the characters are devoid of all character and intelligence. This was all obvious duplicity, idiot decisions, idiot plotting, acceptance of random weirdness and cruel banality. This was weirdly insubstantial.

Best Lines:
“Stroller Nazis.”

“Our mom ran off to be a vessel for a cult. Oh, and by the way, she has a secret lab full of demonic crows?”

“An activity involving bacon grease, burlap sacks, and watermelons that I didn’t even want to contemplate.”

“For the briefest of moments, he almost looked like he wasn’t a total serial killer, but then he ruined it by trying to smile.”

Z For Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien
This 1974 tells of a teenage girl who is alone after nuclear war and then a creepy stranger arrives to harasses her. The author died before finishing it but it was completed by his wife. This was okay.
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