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Batman White Knight 3&5 Reviewed

Batman White Knight 3
Fake Harley puts on actual clothes and becomes the Neo-Joker. There is incoherent action as baddies rampage. The library Jack Napier donated to Backport is destroyed in a Batman villain fight. Batgirl yells Batman’s real name in public. Jack refers to Joker as an alternate personality.

Jack organised the attack on his library to uncover a secret. Alfred is conveniently not comatose at an important moment. How big is the Batcave? How many toys does Batman have? Alfred dies. Dick says Jason Todd was Robin before him. Why doesn’t Batgirl know about Jason Todd? Why are Bruce and Dick so estranged? Nobody has moral bearings. Muggers try to mug Jack and Harley.

Batman and his macho dramatics is unrelentingly awful. Nobody has faith, integrity or resolve. Jack shrugs off his prior bad acts and may have dark motives. Batgirl acts against all reason. Dick is despondent. Is Clayface dead? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He was awful at it.”

“There’s nothing protecting Gotham city from Batman.”

“Aikido and boxing. I used to teach a course at Arkham. Sometimes to the guards. Against their will.”

“You were super-criminals up till a month ago.”

“Are you questioning my methods?”
“As a cop, no. But as a taxpayer, yes!”

Batman White Knight 5
Jack shows off his 8 pack and the pills he’s taking have side-effects. When did Harley learn to fight? Bruce and Dick yell and Bruce nearly punches Dick. Charming man. Much of Bruce’s discontent seems of his own making. He’s frequently terrible and into negative lifestyle behaviours and monstering Jack.

He is also irritating, infuriating, increasingly dissatisfied and full of emotional overreactions. His limiting expectations of Jack make him deeply unappealing. How can Batman arrest people? What happened to Jason Todd? Why is Batgirl always incessantly scolding? Batman heads towards ruination due to his avoidance of reality and other people.

Bruce ignores sustained criticism. Neo-Joker ignores the obvious hints of Bruce’s secret life when she storms Wayne Manor. Poison Ivy lurks and how did Wayne hide the blueprints of hidden tunnels throughout Gotham? Bruce confronts Poison Ivy, Neo-Joker and Mad Hatter in lingerie. Whose? How did he hide his batsuit under it?

How did he not know about the secret room in stately Wayne Manor? For the world’s greatest detective he is a bit dumb. Dick goes around in his mask and GTO outfit. This is good even if it untethered from past and current continuity. Baddies attack. Firefly looks different from her depiction in the ‘Gotham’ TV show. Batman interferes in a police chase and causes the destruction of a bridge. Mr Freeze has secrets and Bruce has rage issues.

Best Lines:
“Only you and I knew how bad he wanted to be.”

“Even after you put him in the hospital dozens of times,”

“I’ll see a doctor later.”
“I am a doctor!”

“Gotham’s losing patience with you!”

“Can’t you all see that violent, psychotic maniac for who he really is?”

“A secret room that hasn’t been opened for a while must have very stale, old air.”

“That was like a bad impression of a rich guy?”

“Nice robe.”
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