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SEAL Team 1x02 Reviewed

Other Lives
This has been renewed. Dead cows in Syria alert the team that a VX leak has taken place. So they have to go to Syria to find the VX lab. One wonders why Jason was forced out of his home by his lame bitch ex. His ex isn’t into conciliation. Jason recalls his dead BFF. This show is a step up after the painfully stupid comically banal ‘Bones’.

The team mumble about the grim prospect of a bio-weapon factory. There is more mumbling and techno-babble. Alona Tal and Linda Park are in this. Spenser is a jerk and isn’t as good as he thinks he is. There are nefarious implications. The team HALO into Syria. There is blathering about societal factors, inaction and social and moral decay. There is potential danger and Jason plans man-mischief.

There is yet more mumbling and the gang are sucidally unafraid. They deal with the legendarily horrific VX and terrifying bastards of whatever the bad guys are. Spenser can’t be circumspect. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Good idea fairies.”

“Bottom man.”

“Met the expectation.”


“Burn in.”

“Can we save em?”

“Descending hordes of bad guys.”
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