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Reaper Season 2 Ep 10 Review

My Brother’s Reaper

Morgan becomes a house guest from hell. Tony and his baby return. Ted gets Andi demoted. Sam has to make a deal with a vile man named Gary. Sock’s parents are MIA. And as per usual with this season, the more interesting stuff is buried under endless unfunny scenes where jerks get to rant endlessly.

The more interesting revelation this week is that Tony has set up The Path Of Steve to help demons (including Nina) become good. Morgan gets on the bad side and they kill him. Hopefully that’ll mean no more of that irritant as he’s now in hell. Apart from Morgan exiting the show at long, long last – this was just mediocre.

Best Lines:
“You do not touch another man’s DVR!”

“Dark Lord of the Work Bench.”

“We’re required to hunt the devil’s offspring and destroy them in order to prevent Armageddon.”
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