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Supergirl 3x10 Reviewed

Legion Of Super-Heroes
Kara is in a coma after being battered by Reign. Brainiac 5 shows up to annoy. Mon-El has no sleaze appeal and has self-satisfied unaccountability. Mon-El’s wife is a bimbo. There is no emotional complexity or quiet respect. The Legion are lazy and do nothing. Nobody is angry with them for their crap.

I don’t care about the tragically unending saga of Mon-El and Kara. Other worldkillers are out there.  Kara is tragically hostile to sense. Mon-El knew all this would happen but wouldn’t get off his ass to stop it. Alex isn’t angry enough. Mon-El is banal. Reign didn’t kill Ruby, so this isn’t unflinchingly dark. James Olsen is brainless and dull, TPTB have done a number on his character.

Chad Lowe of ‘Highway To Hell’ is in this. TPTB have invested everything into the Kara/Mon-El relationship that nobody cares about. Lena is morally good so why don’t they tell her Kara is Supergirl? Lena has no concept of workplace appropriate attire. This ep was moderately intriguing. Fake Hank is sexist about Lena and people think this is hilarious.

This was okay. Reign is combative and direct. Mon-El deserves to be widely despised for being banal, witless, infuriating and selfish. His bitch wife is incredibly boring. Kryptonite doesn’t work on Reign. Mon-El, Brainiac 5 and the boring bimbo put on their stupid Legion outfits and rings and are inept. Get Mon-El off this show. Earth suffers a disaster in the future. Mon-El and his stupidly accented wife bore. Mon-El is comfortless and memorably wretched.

Reign has moral fervour. Alex is overly aggressive. This has pretensions to profundity. There are no consequential events. WTF is Albatross Bay? The DEO have a plan to take down Superman if he ever goes bad. Brainiac 5 is infuriating. There is a fight with obvious wire work. This was not larky and fun and there is mumbling about personal destiny.

Mon-El shares his gravely wisdom and valorises himself. Mon-El has no emotional desire and is everlastingly compulsorily tedious. Reign is a deadly menace. Kara screams. What is The Blight? Winn is an idiot bore. TPTB desperately try to silence criticism of Mon-El. Why are TPTB so devotional to Mon-El? Bon Jovi plays. Oh screw TPTB.

Best Lines:
“Deliver the awakening.”

“Mind prison.”

“Emotional kinship.”

“The indignity.”

“How do you know those words?”

“No more mercy.”

“Reality re-entry.”
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