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Movie Reviews: Unsane + The Ones Below

Unsane (2018)
This Steven Soderbergh ‘thriller’ is not unsettling, it’s just crap and looks cheap. Claire Foy’s character is troubled by a stalker and ends up locked up in a loony bin against her will. She is sure her stalker (one of ‘The Blair Witch’ kids!) works there as a nurse. This is a ghastly joke of paranoid dysfunction that has no emotional impact.

The Ones Below (2015)
David Morrissey stars in this inept thriller. A young couple expecting a baby live in an upstairs flat overlooking an overgrown garden, then a couple move into the empty downstairs flat and the garden becomes something out of a movie set. The couple downstairs are also expecting a baby.

Upstairs woman tries to bond with the downstairs foreign trophy wife and her creepy permanently angry husband (Morrissey). Upstairs woman has a useless lazy neglectful husband. Morrissey’s character claims to be a banker. Why then is he living in a grotty flat? He and his trophy wife invite deep and manic suspicion which of course leads to a final awful revelation.

This has no fervour. Trophy wife falls down the stairs and loses her baby and there is incoherent yelling of ominous words. Cue tormented insecurity and angry complaints by upstairs woman. This tale of social pathologies has no ferocious vitality. This is not a poignantly heartfelt tale of an apparently uncherished woman and her failed life.

This was unsatisfying and the upstairs couple are morons for trusting the creepy ones below who are obviously notoriously ghastly. Nothing happens that is very good, there is blatant deceit and this is furiously frustrating. None of the bad things would have happened if the useless husband had got off his ass and actually done something.

The upstairs couple are desperately trying and face hostile attention. This leaves one singularly unimpressed. The obviously evil new neighbours lead to unmitigated ruin for the upstairs couple. There is grimly determined escalating menace that is so 1990s. The evil couple are looking for something and it isn’t wholesome. The upstairs couple are numbly unhappy and can’t act.

The evil neat freak couple think breeding is the single most important thing in their lives and a baby is a cherished artefact. The plot makes no sense! The useless husband is dumb. Why wasn’t the canal searched? What happened to upstairs couple’ cat? Why were there glass milk bottles? Wouldn’t an autopsy have sown suspicion? The useless yelling husband does nothing. How did the evil couple pull off stuff like manhandling and passport issues?

Best Line:
“What’s she done with him now?”
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