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Arrow 6x13 + SEAL Team (2017-?) 1x01 Reviewed

The Devil’s Greatest Trick
Oliver doesn’t care about Dinah. There is pointless heroism. This is not terrifyingly realised. There is a harmful societal dynamic in Star City. Oliver has made things worse. Oliver doesn’t care about Cayden’s son. Oliver makes malicious comments. This leaves you unsatisfied. The Flash shows up for a cameo, wasn’t he in jail? Another thing Oliver didn’t care about.

There is impending danger. Oliver does his stupid hero voice. Where is Watson? Oliver tells Cayden he didn’t kill his son. Welcome to the wacky world of Oliver’s morals. Black Siren and Dinah have a fist-fight instead of using their sonic powers. Quentin is moronic.

Oliver only became a vigilante for homicidal purposes. What gives him the right to be moralistic? Quentin needs to shut up. Felicity is an intrusive presence. There are useless flashbacks and bad acting. Anatoly says Oliver has snapped, he is right.

Oliver is self-obsessed. William is a moron. This is not substantive. Cayden has a far from pleased response to things. Oliver is murder inciting. Felicity has Oliver well whipped. Cayden James is killed by Diaz who was the real big bad all along and he owns various people. If Oliver was the last person to talk to Cayden James, wouldn’t he suspected of murdering him?

Quentin tries to forge a relationship with Black Siren. TPTB have a fierce commitment to making bad TV. Oliver has fearless commitment to being an ass. Dinah is patronised. Quentin is stupid. Diaz and his chavvy tattoos smirks. This was trash.

Best Lines:
“Do you have to keep doing that?”

“You end tonight.”

“City to about to become crater.”

“Be your Laurel.”

“You can be better.”

Tip Of The Spear
A super elite unit is charged with the US’s deadliest missions. The hero (David Boreanaz of ’Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ’Angel’ and ’Bones’) has a lame bitch estranged wife, but of course and a dead BFF, but of course. This has a nice title card and a guest appearance by Michael Rooker.

The unit stare at a scale model and babble incomprehensibly. A guy has a pregnant wife and there is mention of a former colleague who wrote a book. Other people mumble and women are support personnel. A SEAL dog is in combat, dogs get to be SEALS and women don’t. No comment.

A kidnapped NGO worker is saved. There are complications and the hero, Jason, broods. There are murky fight scenes and nobody is emotionally robust. There are insinuations, a CIA woman flirts with Jason and a new unit member is the son of the guy who wrote the book. This was okay, I'll keep watching.

Best Lines:
“Snatch and grab.”

“Bring him to me still breathing.”

“Live capture of a high value target.”

“It’s still kind of ‘Mad Max’ out there.”

“Getting turned into pink mist.”

“Attractive Western females.”

“Non lethal snatch.”

“Bad shoot.”
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