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Book Review: Olympus Bound

Olympus Bound by Jordanna Max Brodsky
The trilogy about Greek gods in modern day NY comes to an end with this inconsequential afterthought that lacks in nuance. The utterly useless Theo obsesses over Selene. As for Selene aka Artemis, she and the rest of her pantheon sit around asserting their power, making anti-Christian statements, doing stupid things, being fanatically loyal to an obvious baddie and believing their own founding myth.

There is no dramatic potential here as the self-proclaimed gods (who never did anything for humanity) insist they have the moral high ground despite being petty and cruel and a detriment to their human worshippers. They have an exponential want for attention and are vile, wilfully disruptive, arrogant and hateful brats who obsesses over themselves and old enmities. This has no emotional punch and one feels indifference for this.

Best Line:
“Incestuous morass of Olympian genealogy,”
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