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Arrow 6x12 Reviewed

All For Nothing
Somebody framed Oliver for killing Cayden James’ son and so set them against each other. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity shrug at this. Oliver goes on about The Other Team, oh shut up you tool. Felicity babytalks, Diggle looks ridiculous and Oliver casts dark looks of suspcion. Felicity sneers about the murder of Cayden James’ son. Charming.

One is tired of Oliver and his underlying anger and willingness to repudiate people. Oliver talks with a tone of distain. This has no relevance. Oliver thinks he is the untouchably cool king of the town beloved by all who engages in righteous brawls instead of being a mess of ranting, hysterical responses and conspicuous gloating. He and Felicity need swift and severe consequences for their crap.

Vince dies and Oliver calls Vince a traitor after his death. This was ambient nothingness and is an inherently negative thing that was terminally dull. Oliver has a serene evenness of manner.

Nobody can question Oliver’s actions, decisions and motives. Quentin is useless and only echoes Oliver’s opinions. Thea and Quentin want to reclaim Black Siren and then they don’t. Or something. There is no redemptive reconciliation just forced conflict. I detest Dinah. There are useless flashbacks and Vince had to die for being unperturbed by Oliver the self-proclaimed terror to evil-doers.
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