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Americans 5x01+Doubt (2017) 1x01+Century City 1x02+Assassination Of Gianni Versace 2x03 Reviewed

Amber Waves
Spy Daddy and Spy Mommy and a new teenage sidekick have a new assignment. Do social services never notice Philip and Elizabeth’s constant absences? The teen sidekick is more of a true believer than Elizabeth. Oleg is home. The Olympics are on. Philip’s son is trying to escape his perpetually grey police state. A family of defectors is watched. Stan lurks. Paige wants to date Matthew. Henry is ever-ignored. Philip and Elizabeth remember the post-war deprivation.

Oleg gets a new job. Philip and Elizabeth’s handlers discuss the son. Why didn’t they leave? Elizabeth shows Paige self-defence. People babble about Area B. People dig a great big hole and in said hole is the heavily sealed casket containing William’s toxic remains. He was just buried in a random spot? Samples are taken of his pestilent corpse. Was Elizabeth exposed to his foul carcass? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Hates it here more than me.”

“Don’t know how you people let a guy like that get out.”

“This is a hard place.”

“You want you stand in line.”

“We share toilet.”

“Phone breaks. You bribe.”

“You can’t be afraid to be hit and you can’t be afraid to hit, ever.”

“I like read.”

“Having nothing to wait in line for.”

This cancelled legal drama opens with a prolonged shot of Sadie the female lead’s ass in lycra and then she changes her clothes in front of the court house. A doctor is being charged for the 1991 murder of his high school girlfriend. There are massive exposition dumps and is this based on ‘Serial’?

A lawyer is always being arrested, bail is set at 5 million, Sadie the defence lawyer doesn’t care about the dead girl and instead prefers pissing off the DA. The defence lawyers are awful people. Some hysterical screaming woman screams. The doctor gets out on bail and tells Sadie he loves her.

Katherine Heigl, Laverne Cox, Dule Hill of ‘Psych’ and Elliot Gould star. There is a wildly inappropriate comedic tone. There is no cool knowing wit. Judith Light guest stars. Dreama Walker slums it in this and there is no deep moral conflict. A lawyer who qualified in jail wants to work for the firm. The 1991 murder weapon was a sceptre from a Cleopatra costume? The killer’s blood is on it.

The suspected killer Billy pants over Sadie (Heigl). Gould’s character defended an activist and she (Light) is still in jail and she is Sadie’s mother. Sadie and Billy make out. Sadie and her murderess mother break prison rules. This was dire.

Best Lines:
“You need to stop pissing off judges.”

“You need to cry and beg.”

“I don’t know the first thing about your character.”

“The serious scary voice.”

“They ride the bus because they’re scared of subway pushers.”

“An uncle who was mental.”

“Online inmate programme.”

“I am not one of those people.”

The Face Was Familiar
This show aired on US TV out of chronological order. So I’m watching it in the intended order. The lawyers fight for a father’s right to give his son a drug to make him forget his abusive alcoholic mother so his son will stop having nightmares and behavioural issues. The man’s ex wife (Sherilyn Fenn) fights to stop him.

The creepy sexist creeper lawyer jokes about giving a date a roofie in the middle of a conference in the law firm and nobody says a word. I feel electric hate for the sexist. This is not a good study of the impact on culture and society of changing tech. In another case, a couple are accused of upsetting young children by having public sex.

There aren’t driverless cars but there is a smart freeway. The ex-wife is to be replaced by the stepmother. There are VR holograms that function like the holodeck on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. There is no exuberance. Ioan bothers the genetically modified lawyer about her sexlife. What is his character’s name?

Mate-finders were this show’s prediction of Tinder. Ioan seems pathetic, empty and miserable. This was not life enhancing. There are racist comments and ferocious hostility. Nobody risks potential ruin by being sexist and racist. This was not grim and disturbing. It was profoundly silly and has no timeless allure.

The sexist laughs about the public sex case and acts like he is the untouchable king of cool, when he is a pathetic, irritating and pitiful twit. Nestor mocks a hysterical woman. There is no zany frivolity. Rosalind Chao of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ guest stars in one scene as a shrink.

The ex-wife claims to be sober and nothing in this ep is terrifyingly possible. Nestor says something that makes one wonder if he was an addict or if he is the son of an addict. Nobody is intense or driven. Nestor shames a frigid wife. It’s like this show is from 1991 or something. The ex-husband comes across as a creepy. What are nanosensors?

Nestor is nosey and a comment is made about him that he took Spanish to pass for a real Latino. WTF was that line? Did nobody object that it comes across as dodgy and offensive? The ex-husband seems perfomative but wins his case and his ex-wife is out of her son’s life forever. Sad. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Thought you were living down in Mexico with that drug dealer’s widow.”

“Boys that can’t pay attention.”

“Your son’s alleged problems.”

“His mother kicked him down a flight of stairs.”

“The image station.”

“I used to do that act.”

“Threw an iron at him!”

“Chinese immersion daycare.”

“Sex in cars. Very LA.”

“Every case the Third Crusade.”

A Random Killing
Everything in this ep is disputed. There is no creeping suspense as Andrew continues his seemingly inexplicable series of dodgy incidents. There is no curiosity, fascination or increasingly unease as Darren Criss shows off his ACTINGS. A woman (Judith Light) flogs her cosmetics on the Home Shopping Network unaware she is soon to learn her husband deliberately misled her, or did he?

Andrew parades his inner ugliness to a horrified world. He was shrewd, cold, calculating and hard. There is no sense of danger or social statement. Andrew imperilled dead men’s reputations and there are toxic secrets as he runs around Chicago in 1997. Andrew murders in-between dossing around.

Marilyn the wife has overwhelming adoration for her husband Lee. This is not a moral thriller as Andrew uses people sexually. Lee is closeted, TPTB allege. Did Marilyn know? Did anything in this ep actually happen or is it all sleazy supposition? There is unbearable loneliness and Lee makes the calamitous decision to hook up with his unsavoury associate Andrew. One feels bored disinterest for this essentially meaningless confusing shambles of an ep.

Marilyn is contently married and then discovers she wasn’t. Or something. Andrew has no honeyed menace as he has grim commitment to foul moods, taunts, insults and paroxysms of rage and shows his usual regard for the truth. Andrew’s life yawns emptily as he keeps others at a moral and social distance. He has inherent dishonesty. This was all dreary social realism and Andrew is openly hostile.

There is no searing heartbreak as Andrew reaches a state of fury and does stupid infuriating things seemingly motivated by resentment. Why does he have such bloodthirsty rage and unhesitating brutality? Andrew is a self-preserving schemer with numbed psychosis and is vindictive and vengeful. But why? One of Lee and Marilyn’s children is an actor who was in ‘Air Force One’. Andrew robs and kills some random man without remorse or hesitation.

Best Lines:
“Some inconsequential pieces of jewellery.”

“You’ve had roles. Good roles.”

“Am I a real wife now?!?”
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