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Book Review: The Last Of August

The Last Of August by Brittany Cavallaro
The sequel to ‘A Study In Charlotte’, this was good as the constantly grumbling Jamie Watson follows in the wake of the horrible horrible Charlotte, who is relentlessly creative in being emotionally tortured and adding to her clan’s menacing history with the Moriarty family.

Charlotte sets out to destroy what little credibility and trust that family have, after all, disgrace lingers. She always has sharp faced anger and does deliberate and precise things. She is gratingly irksome and is a sprawling joyless dirge who is extremely unpleasant and malevolent.

Jamie learns the Holmes’ imagination for harm and their unrelenting grimness too late as he is involved in a fateful collision between 2 families who have brutal selfish, indifference, feigned good manners, dry nonchalance, well honed artifice and emotional blankness. The 2 families are banally loathsome and Charlotte is sheer unpleasantness. I enjoyed this tale of simmering tension, egotistical behaviour, confrontations and emotionally bleak character landscapes.

Best Lines:
“Like he’s learned how to compliment people from an instruction manual.”

“This is like my sister’s L.AD. Fan fiction.”

“False scarcity.”

“I was the instrument of his downfall. If he wanted to be near me, it was to ensure I didn’t ruin anyone else.”
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