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Electric Dreams (2017) 1x09 Reviewed

Safe And Sound
Based very very loosely on Dick’s short story ‘Foster You’re Dead!’, this is set in a future where America is divided between ultra high tech ultra paranoid cities and bubble communities where invasive tech is rejected. People from bubble communities are treated with suspicion as Foster learns when she and her hippy mother (Maura Tierney in full on ranting mode) enter the city.

Foster needs a Dex to fit in and so she gets this piece of technology and things go sideways from there. Martin Donovan and Connor Paolo of ‘Revenge’ also star in this tale of emotional malformation and peerless insanity. Foster dresses like a flower child and proves unworthy.

Foster talks to the Dex helpline (Paolo). What caused the divide between East and West? The ending does a ‘Wild Things’ and shows missing scenes that deepen the plot. Foster causes irritation and resentment as she faces moral challenges. High school is hell. You need a Dex to turn taps on in the bathroom?!? What was the Reformation? Foster’s mother monologues and she has obsessive intensity.

Foster’s mother rants at a guy (Donovan) who makes bubbles the scapegoat for societal ills and it goes badly for her. Foster is tasked to spy on people. Foster is dumb. Her mother has steely contempt and ethical objections. Her tech support is inquisitorial. The school’s original library has been abandoned.

A schoolmate is faux-macho and Foster faces a litany of lies and false promises. There is no moody suspense. Foster is shown in a mainly unflattering light. Foster listens to the techsupport guy for unknown reasons. Foster’s mother makes her throw her Dex out a car window. Without a Dex you’re not allowed into safe rooms in case of an attack. You need to do a psych profile for immigration. Foster is told she is being brainwashed by her mother and listens to her screamy, yelling tech support who goes on about subversion records and certified safe zones.

This is a strident critique of paranoia, persistent and damaging narratives, hardening resolve and bad moral calls. Foster has been brainwashed by TPTB and preaches paranoia and safety to an adoring public and head butts someone. This was wretchedness. This was bleak and brutal and full of sinister airs. Foster gets a makeover and a date with tech support guy while cheerily ignoring her mother being hauled off to jail. Nuance is non-existent and Foster’s angsty whining leads to no emotional fallout. This was unemotive and has 2 manically smirking baddies.

Best Lines:
“Hear gel.”

“Genetic voice profile.”

“Security will come by to restrain you.”

“I’m talking to ants.”
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