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Movie Reviews: Game Night + I Am Evel Knievel + 45 Years + Ed Wood

Game Night (2018)
Insanely competitive yuppies stumble into crime in this sharp and hilarious comedy. This was directed by Sweets from ‘Bones’ and has cameos by Danny Huston and your man from ‘Dexter’. This is a hilarious movie about ultra competitive people who have a crazy night of fun, games, gun fights and kidnapping. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler and Sharon Horgan star.

I Am Evel Knievel (2014)
A documentary about the stunt rider. It tells of the insane dangerous stunts he did, how his fans beat up Hells Angels and it’s good. It details his injuries, his hellrasing, his marriages, how he tried to jump a canyon and was a showman and how he beat up a guy and lost his career.

Best Lines:
“He used to bet my brother’s friends 100 bucks they couldn’t eat a can of dog food.”

“A drinking town.”

“Crash, heal, do it again.”

“A life risker.”

45 Years (2015)
Charlotte Rampling stars in this tale of a wife who learns she’s always been 2nd choice. This is 2 old people in their underwear talking. This was too talky.

Ed Wood (1994)
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