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Arrow 6x11 + Z Nation 4x13 Reviewed

We Fall
William plays with a boy and arrow. Felicity and Oliver coo over each other and feel each other up. Who was Frank Pike? I’ve forgotten. Felicity baby talks. How is druggie dropout Thea qualified to work at City Hall? Oliver is unheeding of sense. Dinah rants and is all seething aggressions and resentments. There is no grand reconciliation or goodwill. One is increasingly irritated by this terrible ep.

One gets a negative vibe off Oliver. TPTB are clueless as to what this is supposed to be doing or who this show is supposed to be for. Oliver demonstrates hostility for Cayden James who is intent on causing trouble. Oliver attempts to look menacing. Felicity has a sad countenance, why does anyone live in Star City? Cayden James has seething anger.

Dinah has fatalism and causes needless stress. Dinah’s stupid yelling and Renee’s dumb gimp mask look dumb. William is in peril. There is bad acting and no emotional possibility. There is no genuine insight. William learns his dad is a liar. This was not evocative or meaningful, this is just banal absurdity.

Oliver is duly obliged to annoy. Where is Slade? Oliver is relentlessly awful. Quentin is the Queen’s bitch boy. Thea babbles about safe zones. Felicity wears hooker heels and has a trophy wife blowout and talks like a mall-rat. People watch Channel 52. Is there any foreseeable chance of this improving? Oliver monotones. Felicity baby talks and makes it all about her as per usual. There is no moral comeback. Oliver pays Cayden off. Quality left this show with Colin Donnell.

Best Lines:
“Go learn something.”

“Ben Gale.”

“Usual threats.”

“The internet vault.”

“At least she can read, unlike your mom.”

“A complicated variable.”

“A passive dig.”

“Lots of incoming.”

“What he thinks is a good reason.”

The Black Rainbow
Season 4 comes to a grim ending. Where is The Man? The gang are in the ruins of Washington DC. Michael Berryman guest stars. Warren leads the gang down a hatch, a hatch never augers anything good. The gang continue their largely unspecified plan. Warren remembers Dr Teller and Zona and comes to some realisations way too late.

In Warren’s flashback Teller uses the phrase grok and reveals that he was never a good guy and Warren was always meant to launch Black Rainbow and not stop it. What was the warning he meant to give her? There is ill-feeling and is Warren dead? Will the missing cast members ever return? Will Doc, Murphy and 10k survive? Lilley can die for all I care; the actress is dating 10k in real life which explains much.

The Founder wants all “the filth” killed off. What were Murphy and the Zona guy exposed to? The drone launches with Warren onboard and she seems dead. The Black Rainbow takes place. What has happened to Murphy? Lilley jumps 10k. This was good, poor Warren.

Best Lines:
“Wasn’t my idea to have a Third Strike weapon.”

“VIP Tour from hell.”

“Did you just throw the President Of The United States down 30 flights of stairs?”
“Ex-President! And he fell!”

“No nukes. Something worse.”

“How much worse can things get?”

“Humanity’s not coming back.”

“I’m the Reset.”
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