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Green Hornet 1 Reviewed

The Kevin Smith reboot is still dragging on. I gave up on it a while ago. Britt Reid Jnr is missing, nobody seems to care or be in emotional freefall. The DA is not a social realist. Mike Axford whines. Original Kato is acting publisher of The Sentinel and a takeover is imminent. Original Kato is attacked by his daughter in homage to ‘The Pink Panther’ movies.

Who is the dark and malevolent force planning a takeover? Why does the harrowingly tragic prospect of the terminally bland Britt Reid Jnr’s death not cause a reaction? A load of Green Hornet wannabes run around. Clutch does nothing. Original Kato becomes Kato again as Mulan becomes the Green Hornet.

When was the costume recut? This was okay even if it had no emotional impact. People have disaffected demeanours. People still act like the Green Hornet creed is a reasonable objective.

Best Lines:
Nothing happens without my knowledge or consent. Or my cut.”

“Bricks and mortar companies are dead.”
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