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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'House Of Cards’ The Final Season trailer
No Claire, no. No desired validation for you.

‘A Tale Of Two Corey’s’ (2018) trailer
A bio-pic of Feldman and Haim. It has neon, big hair, a Michael Jackson lookalike, mullets, Playboy bunnies and abuse. There is also drugs, bandanas and really had hair. There is also facial hair a fight and a dude playing Joel Schmumacher.

Best Line:
I can’t believe I’m doing coke with Mouth!”

‘Doubt’ (2017) trailer
Katherine Heigl defends a man who may have killed a girl 24 years ago.

‘Nail-a-peel’ ad

‘Peter Rabbit’ TV spot

‘Barbie: Dreamtopia’ ad
No, they look like drag queens.

‘Super Wobble Bubble Ball’ ad

‘Num Noms’ ad

‘LOL Surprise! Pets’ ad
Why is it so loud?

‘In The Long Run’ promo

Gluten free Bakewell Slice - okay.
Camembert - okay.
Spanish white wine - okay.
Stinger bar - yum.
Fruit salad candy - yum.
Drumstick bar - okay.

I won’t watch ‘Star’.

I will review ‘The Wife Between Us’.

They’re remaking ‘Fear’ (1996)?

Anyone see ‘Respectable’ (2006) or ‘Killing Me Softly’ (2002) or ‘The Vanishing Man’ (1998) or ‘Wish Me Luck’ or ‘Harsh Realm’ or ‘The Man Show’ or ‘Weeds’?

What was ‘Strong Medicine’?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mitzeee from ‘Hollyoaks’ won an Oscar!

Recall the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone? Didn’t everyone have one of those as a kid?

Who read the 4 ‘Due South’ novelizations?

Anyone read the ‘Dark Skies’ fanfic ‘Countermove’? It was contrived!

‘Irish Independent’ Quote:
The nation’s enemy number one.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Try and salvage my reputation from this.”

“Mess of innuendo.”

“Upcycled yarn using no water, chemicals, dyes or pesticides.”

“Fur-free fur.”

“Felt ignored and unimportant.”

“Least worst available option.”

“Who consumes these stories? Who could want to?”

“Supposed to be unpleasant.”

“Women interlopers in men’s world.”

“Back when she was considered serious.”

“How a successful woman is allowed to look and behave in a modern United States.”

“Equating substance with brooding sociopaths, Machiavellian power struggles and graphic violence, this was TV drama as an auteur-driven, testosterone-soaked epic.”

“Presenting yourself in that personas that meet approval.”

“Vapid reading practices masquerading as insight.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Downright lie.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Baffling actuality.”

“Frustrate her beyond rational capacity.”

“New York is full of things that were once there,”

“Demands of accountability.”
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