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Batman: White Knight 6 Reviewed

I missed 5. Batgirl and Nightwing now work for the GCPD. Gordon is anti-Batman and Batman is seething with rage. Nightwing turns on Batbrat. Batgirl rages and says Batman served Gotham for decades. Nightwing punches Jack Napier. Why is Napier shirtless whilst he fights Batman? Napier and Batman have a fistfight which Napier wins and Batman is dumped (still masked) at Arkham. His and Joker’s intractable war is seemingly over. Mr Freeze makes revelations. Batgirl does not have a stoical air. What is Batgirl up to? Napier cracks up and seemingly reverts back to being the Joker. This was okay.
Best Lines:
“It’s an armoured supercomputer on four wheels.”

“Secret Nazi ice-gun?”

“That pathetic Hot Topic shoplifter is in over her head.”
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