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Movie Reviews: Girl Most Likely + 3 others

Girl Most Likely (2012)
A woman returns home and finds her mother has gone weird and her home is full of eccentrics and that her dead father isn’t dead. Her mother is awful. Darren Criss is in this and sings. The woman’s ex is awful as are her so-called friends. The woman and her brother encounter their deadbeat father who is rich and successful and still a deadbeat. The ending descends into guns and violence. When offered the chance to fix her life, she messes up more. This was a tired cliche with nothing new in it.

Best Lines:
“Found your secret hole.”

“You wouldn’t have even have cared if I died.”

“I have a condition.”
“Which one?”

Rush Hour (1998)
Inventively amusing.

Die Hard (1988)

The Fly (1986)
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