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Collateral 1x04 + The Citadel (1983) 1x01 Reviewed

Collateral 1x04
The female cop sneers and all the promise this showed in 1x01 has evaporated. David’s awful boss sneers. What happened to John Simm? He did the awful ‘Trauma’ and this?!? David’s boss does him down. Characters spew author tracts. This is fervid. The gay Vicar is abandoned.

There is no simmering disquiet and TPTB do a critique of the norm. The female cop is a harpy and this is not discomfiting. The solider confronts her boss’ wife, the wife knows what her husband is. How depressingly plausible that the wife stood by and did nothing. Ugly thoughts are spewed and this doesn’t drip with menace.

The solider seethes with bitterness. There is no trashy promise or fascinating characters. This was fallacious and insultingly bad. The solider is a tragic figure. The female cop who is named Kip has garrulous impatience. Karen stole her au pair’s wages that David pays. The soldier’s handler Peter clears out. The Vicar is heart-broken.

A spy in the people smuggling ring is bailed out. Kip causes the soldier to kill herself. A baby is born. What was Karen blackmailing David over? This was entirely serious and ponderous. This was all improbability and shows up social unease or something. This was ridiculous. The pizza shop is still on the go.

Best Lines:
“She had issues with promiscuity.”

“Bonds of decency.”

“You know I love you.”

“I regret not doing better.”

“I regret not being good.”

The Citadel (1983) 1x01
Ben Cross stars in this forgotten BBC drama which is based on the A.J Cronin novel from 1937. A doctor (Cross) moves to a mining town. The local people mush mouth and there is no raw, grubby energy. There is a fever raging and the doctor fears it is typhoid.
Poor people do plaintive cries. An old battle axe has barely restrained distain. This does not leave you in a buoyant mood. Ben Cross stares formidably. A man is coded as bad and probably gay. No comment. The new doctor is gravely concerned. He’s morally elevated. Miners have health issues. This fights for relevance and shows the precariousness of life in a remote mining town. A kid with measles wanders around and this show is very brown and under-lit. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Don’t drink a drop unless it’s boiled.”

“How long have you worked underground?”
“Too long.”
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