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Cayden James and co bore in their collective interests. Oliver still won’t apologise and has consistently low-belief in his team. Felicity baby talks and this was not morally complex. Quentin has no balls. Thea acts like she is 7. Oliver has ill-chosen snide derision. Thea baby talks. Oliver justifies what he’s doing and rationalises it and is the hero of his own life story. Diggle bores. Dinah bores. Felicity wears dark lipstick.

There is a joke about an arrow-signal. Oliver is aggressive. Was there a Huntress mention? Oliver is endlessly demanding. Curtis is an idiot. Renee is heroically dim and Oliver has unreasonable hostility. Dinah talks too much. Oliver is self-consciously ostentatious. This was not exemplary.

Oliver ignores how icing Tommy out in season 1 got Tommy killed. Oliver justifies his own actions. Thea mocks Quentin for being upset over Laurel. Quentin wants to redeem Black Siren. What happened to the fiercely defiant man he used to be? Thea is a twat. Felicity has open derision and spells out how we should be feeling.

I don’t care about Dinah and her whining. People mumble. Oliver is triumphantly awful. There are more incoherent fight scenes. Where is Oliver’s son during all this? Oliver lives a life hopelessly tied to the past. He makes a speech and still won’t apologise. Is Malcolm Merlyn dead? Oh who cares?!?

Best Lines:
“I’m so sick of everyone not killing him when they have the chance.”

“Move or get moved hoodie.”

“There is no rest of the team.”

“Don’t you knock?”
“Don’t you lock your doors?”

Cyclone Tracy (1986)
This 3 part miniseries is about the Category 4 cyclone that struck Darwin on Christmas Eve in the 80s killing many. It’s okay.

There is green foam. Why does Lilley get so much screen time? Doc and Murphy encounter 2 con-artists. This ep was not of significant import. Silly stupid things happen. This was not emotionally compelling. 10k pukes, then everyone pukes. A bizarre Z rampages. This trivialised the apocalypse.

Best Line:
“You stole his underwear?”

Return To Mercy Labs
Where are they getting food, water and ammo? DJ Qualls is in this ep. 10k has visible sadness at memories of Red and 5k. Where are Red and Sun Mei? Kaya uncovers that Black Rainbow is a doomsday weapon. Citizen Z beats a zombie with its own severed arm. Was Dr Teller a good guy?

Was the Northern Lights deep storage ever mentioned before? Or the secure NSA hardline? Where is Citizen Z’s dog? Warren quotes ‘Star Trek’. The gang are idiots. Warren and co realise what the reset is. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“The only thing we had to worry about were neighbourhood bullies and the occasional serial killer.”

“Thanks science.”

“This is just about the time something jumps out at you.”

“Is that a lot of money for 1982? I don’t know. I never had any.”

“What the hell is a fourth strike weapon? Who’s left to kill after the third strike?”

“There aren’t that many working radios at this point.”

“We’re alive. Most of us anyway.”

“No-one’s coming for him.”

“Meant to kill anything left after an all-out nuclear war.”


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