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American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace 2x01 + Z Nation 4x08&4x09 Reviewed

The Man Who Would Be Vogue
July 15 1997 Miami Beach, Versace is a have and a loser is a have not. So the nut shoots Versace along with an unfortunate dove. Nobody noticed the nut wielding the gun? This was not peerlessly elegant. Darren Criss overacts as the nut.

This was not terribly convincing. I don’t have unconditional positive regard for this. This was not wry, just camp and plain BAD. The nut is volatile. This was not comprehensible or purposeful. The nut is a deeply creepy social evil and is associated with bad values.

There are cops who don’t understand gays. Donatella (Penelope Cruz) shows up and mush-mouths about how her brother built an empire from a single shop with one rack of clothes. She is cruel to her brother’s lover (Ricky Martin) and you can’t understand half of what she is saying. Ricky Martin cannot act. Cathy Moriarty shows up as a gun shop owner. This was laughable.

Best Lines:
“Designs clothes for sluts.”

“Jeans guy.”

Crisis Of Faith
Kaya and her toddler hang out in the arctic. Zombie Mounties attack. Societal breakdown goes on. Lilley annoys. This was not intellectually respectable or narratively satisfying.

Murphy is uncritical, self-motivated and terrible at pretending to be a decent person. There is no comfort, community, purpose or the idea of there being something meaningful beyond the self in this chaotic world. This wasn’t nuanced or thoughtful.

Zombie nuns lurk. People are passionate in their disappointment. Warren wonders if she’s been brainwashed. This does not carry a certain profundity. 10k brings up how he spent season 3 brainwashed and facing Murphy’s relentless demands. This had bad VFX. Another survivor is encountered. Why does green gas come out of zombies? There is no social optimism and this was not achingly sad. The ending is mean-spirited.

Best Lines:
“Don’t tease the frozen zombie honey!”

“Think satan runs it now.”

We Interrupt This Program
The gang look for a transmitter and wander into a long-abandoned news-station. Flashbacks show the news-station getting caught up in Day 1. DJ Qualls is in this ep and he returns as Kaya and co are in peril.

Flashbacks show Carly the weather girl unwittingly reporting the end of the world. She was profoundly affected by the end of the world. Also 10k mentions that petrol goes off. There are parking meters. Why did it take Citizen Z 2 years to come home? His son’s name is JZ? What did Zona take from Northern Lights?

This was very good. Z’s cause bother. A Z is killed via soap. Z’s can’t open doors. Carly survives unforeseeable circumstances. Poor Carly, such a wooden teleprompter reader. The flashbacks show the end of the Action News Team: Carly (Reine Swart), Doug the intern (Mitchell Shohet), the stage manager (Keiko Green), Renfro (Tyler Andre) and Mitchell (Marlon Taylor). They will be missed.

Best Lines:
“Barricaded from the inside. Got to love their optismism”

“Cabin disturbance.”

“Somebody made a stand and never left.”

“Sometimes taco Tuesday fights back.”

“Something horrible happened in there.”

“Splinter free TP.”

“Mr creepy.”

“Going into a dark basement on purpose?”

“Zombie messiah.”

“Violent mob behaviour.”

“An acquaintance I keep murdering.”

“Dead or something.”

“Black Rainbow’s real.”
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