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Nova 1 + The Mighty Captain Marvel 1 Reviewed

Nova 1
The exposition dump at the start of this mentions a bad guy called Annihilus and a parallel dimension called The Cancerverse. Then there is babble about Nova Corps and helmets. There is mobile phone usage in space, a talking planet and The Thing breakfast cereal.

Why did various people quit the Avengers? Why is a guy who looks 12 being a superhero? This was not intoxicating, funny or engaging. There is a hallucination of Thanos, Venom, Ultron, some Hydra guy, Juggernaut and Red Skull. 2 different Novas have issues. I’m not getting this.

I felt indifferent to this bitter absurdity. This was not sober, lucid, gripping or darkly amusing. This was sub-literate lethargy with no purpose or meaning. This was all aimlessness.

Best Lines:
“You didn’t say you were invested with Sidri?”

“Avengers don’t have time to shower!”

“What if Galactus attacks?”
“Tell him to wait!”

“Yeah, but why?”
“They don’t!”

The Mighty Captain Marvel 1
Captain Marvel saves a Kree child. Various weirdoes hang out at Alpha Flight. There’s a baddie shapeshifter and a whining heroine. This has no intensity and it seemed brazenly contrived. But it was okay.

Best Lines:
“My closest friends are either dead, or not speaking to me.”

“Not as old-school as brute force. Namely mine,”

“Her boob windows?”
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