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Collateral 1x03 + Trauma (2018) 1x01 Reviewed

Collateral 1x03
Pizza woman is dead. The cops are useless. A Nick Frost-esque fat man oversees the conspiracy of morons. They’re human traffickers. There is gratuitous nudity by the despondent shooter. Pizza woman’s mother wails. The female cop snarks and nothing develops the narrative. Karen lies in bed radiating smouldering sexual intensity and blatant disregard for her children.

John Simm ignores his ex-wife’s drug use and does a Corbyn impression and rants about his nasty little country on TV. The solider hangs out with her mother who is austere, irreproachable and lives a life circumscribed.

Army woman is unwanted by her mother. This has no stark tones. John Simm and Karen scream about drugs and principles and her past. Things are explained and there are reveals and lies. The Vicar faces consequences. A Bishop reveals deep sadness. The female cop is sworn at. Army woman’s pervert boss has a family. This had lost all quality since 1x01. Army woman stalks her boss menacingly and this has no emotional resonance.

Best Lines:
“Dumped down Shagwell way.”

“I can’t pretend I’m happy.”

“A bid for attention.”

“Grumpy French girl.”

“Steak is for men.”

“Prison’s better than this.”

“M&S suits.”

“Low level sexual scum.”

“I had to pay off gangsters! Russians!”

“No one commits murder for dope.”

“Come back in through the front, loudly.”

Trauma (2018) 1x01
This ITV 3-part show stars John Simm who is a scruffy working class devoted father who is fired. A posh doctor is also a devoted father who is called in for an emergency after he had a party. The working class man’s son has been stabbed and John Simm bursts into an operating theatre and rants and annoys. The son dies. John Simm starts ranting about lies and accuses the doctor of making a mistake. John Simm annoys and harasses the doctor. FFS.

John Simm rants about his workmates having a whip-round for the funeral that nets him £30. The prevailing impression is that he’s a jerk with an unapologetic obsession with the doctor. He’s pitiful and screeches conjecture and creates a false narrative. He’s vehemently annoying and given to idle talk. John Simm argues endlessly and bitterly about class.

If TPTB are trying for moral contrast. It’s not working. John Simm is a vindictive ineradicably annoying arse. Why isn’t John Simm angry with the person who stabbed his son? John Simm gets a job at the hospital, surely he could be arrested for stalking. This was the pits.
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