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Movie Review: Happy Death Day (2017)

The horrible horrible Tree and her equally horrible jerk sorority ‘friends’ hang out and party. One feels visceral loathing for Tree and her stupid name. She is menaced by a killer. The harridan is murdered and wakes up and repeats the day over and over and over and over again. There is no explanation for the time loop.

Tree is attitude heavy and acrimonious and attiudinous and self-entitled. She’s a walking catastrophe, she has no sense of purpose or moral sense, she’s just angry of demeanour and a nakedly hostile malefactress. Tree is having an affair with a married lecturer. She has misaligned priorities and is fully committed to antagonism.

Her dominant conversational mode is sneering and her inevitable comeuppance keeps coming. People are impressively volatile and fantastically uninhibited with raptor grimaces and gloating triumph. There are date rape jokes and the bell toils for Tree. She decides to solve her own murder and there is a funny montage. There are cat fights and unquestioning acceptance of weirdness. Who is the ruthless scheming killer?

Why is there a time loop? This was not tense or poignant. There is escalating confrontation and a gauntlet of stupid. Tree decides to be a better person and uncovers the killer and their nefarious motives. This was okay, maybe it should have gone with the alternate ending though.

Best Lines:
“Look weirdo, I’m not scared!”

“It’s not like you have a footlong.”

“Cat lady buffet.”

“Nutter butter.”

“Man ass.”

“Who’s Bill Murray?”

“Clumsy hos.”

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