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Veronica Mars Season 1 Ep 9 Review

Drinking The Kool Aid

Veronica broods over Jake Kane possibly being her father and the threatening photos that someone sent Lianne. Shame the whole threatening photos plot was dropped in favour of making Lianne an unrepentant drunk. Veronica helps Keith investigate after one of her classmates joins a possible cult.

The Moon Calf Collective is a group of happy clappy hippy types and 09er Casey Gant has undergone a personality change since joining. He used to be a jerk, now he’s nice and “renouncing the toxic death style of late stage capitalist society.” Veronica is sure the Collective is a cult as she muses on their “forbidden barn” but she soon finds the Collective welcoming, warm and cuddly.

It seems Casey’s parents want to break him from the Moon Calves as he is due to inherit $80 million dollars and they want him to keep them in the style to which they are accustomed. Casey’s dragged off and reprogrammed back to being an 09er.

Meanwhile Veronica does a sneaky paternity test on Keith, mocks teen poetry, recalls how she once wanted to marry Vanilla Ice and is excluded by people in class. Keith proves yet again that he’s a lousy investigator. This was an okay ep.

Best Line: “Alien lobotomy boy.”
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