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Z Nation 4x06&4x07 Reviewed

Back From The Undead
Murphy is an unsolvable issue. There is a mention of Eerie, Indiana. Warren is crazed. How does Warren have false eyelashes? Murphy is no less odious as he lies dying. Lucy is shrill and contentious. Why isn’t Murphy socially reviled for all he’s done? 10k has murderous hatred of Murphy. Lucy ages. What kind of hospital did they end up in? Murphy is not truly tragic.

Lucy is not on a tragic trajectory. The gang encounter a Dr Caligari. 10k is not feeling the spirit of reconciliation and peace. This was not unhampered creativity. Doc goes hammer happy. Who are the latest lot of sociopaths playing deity? There is body horror and self induced trauma. This was not smartly observant and there is death.

Best Line:
“I’m getting fingered.”

Warren’s Wedding
The gang are in a grimmer predicament than usual when they encounter a gang of Insane Clown Posse wannabes. Warren shrugs and rap battles in her Elsa wig. The gang are bothered by the drugged out clowns, they aren’t a deadly menace. The baddies have menacing scowls and menacing leers.

This is not pure pleasure. There are wild threats and this was garish and scrappy. The baddies are quite difficult to manage. This was not refreshingly irreverent. This was unsatisfactory. But I suppose it could be worse, I could be watching ‘Troy: Fall Of A City’.

Best Lines:
“Nothing good comes of anything.”

“Broke ass ho!”

“Sounds like a lot.”
“All the better.”

“Drain the gene pool.”

“Dark carnival of mayhem.”

“It’s only set to wussy.”

“Get off me you crazy ho.”

“Say I’m right!”

“Stop trying to kill your mom!”

“This is bad, even for us.”
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