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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Electric Dreams’ promo

‘Black Creek’ trailer
Bad accents, bad acting and horrible people in the woods. This looks BAD with no existential terror.

Best Line:
“City kids looking for a highway to sex.”

‘Lost In Space’ promo
A modern new reworking of the family in space. They power walk very very very very slowly. We see J2 and Robinson ID tags. There is an annoying looking kid and crash noises.

Best Line:
“Danger Will Robinson.”

‘Birth Of The Dragon’ promo

‘American Crime Story’ promo

‘The Ice King’ trailer

‘Sweet Country’ trailer

Unpasteurised milk - okay.
Mint cup choc - nice.
Dark chocolate with mint leaves - good.

A 3rd ‘Jurassic World’?

Who saw ‘Crazy In Alabama’ or ‘Delicatessen’ (1991) or ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ (2002) or ‘Girl Fight’ (2000) or ‘She’s The Man’ (2006) or ‘Personal Best’ (1982) or ‘Stick It’ (2006) or ‘Ice Castles’ (1978) or ‘Ice Princess’ (2005)?

Recall ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ or ‘Three’s Company’ or ‘Smallpox 2002’?

Anyone else recall that 1996 ‘Third Rock From The Sun’ episode where Sally waits, waits, waits by the phone for Brad to call her and then kicks down his door, telling him she’s come to check his phone? Oh uncomfortable viewing and a reminder of the strong resentment caused by men who don’t call.

There will be a ‘Head Full Of Ghosts’ film?

I’d try pumpkin pasta.

I’ll review ‘Brave’ and ‘Happy Death Day’.

I won’t read ‘Rotherweird’.

Recall Fred Hanna’s or Greene’s bookshops?

‘Neighbours’ Quote:
“Provisional improvement notice.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Economic wasteland.”

“Hope and necessity.”

“On linear.”

“Pleasant-sounding aspirations.”

“Doctors are tools of socialism.”

“Aggressive managerialism.”

“Narrowly defined notion of self interest.”


“Irredentist ambition.”

“Regain the social influence they had once wielded, reversing a retreat from public life.”

“Truth decay.”

“Divisive cultural disputes.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Bent on evil.”

Jonathan Swift Quote:
“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“Fallacy of the harm principle.”

“Sealed meat is good for 11 years.”

“Power swirl.”

“Throwing that frozen wash cloth at us.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Go ahead and admit you’re wrong now.”

“Asinine strategy of life.”

“Lying bitch.”

“Close her mouth once in a while.”

“Wrecking this family.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“His personality was not to have one.”

“Predated the arrival of modern humans by at least 20,000 years.”

“Cognitive superiority.”

“Homo stupidus.”

“Incapable of moral or theistic conceptions.”

“Not cognitively distinct.”

“A variant of human kind that as such exists no more.”

“Failed to live up to her potential.”

“Grim reading.”

“Aggressive control.”

“Troublesome journalists have a curious habit of ending up dead-”


“News fatigue.”

“Conform to public expectations of sweetness and femininity.”

“Sweat-inducing effort.”

“Believes in the motivational power of abuse.”

“Never shows the smallest concern or sympathy.”

“Non-trailer park attitudes.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Snow angels are not frozen hobos.”

“Can you describe your son’s skeleton?”

“Pretty close to riot mode.”

“Nothing good ever comes from trying.”

“Self proclaimed under-achiever.”

“Ponder a wasted life.”

“Tamper, teach, impart.”

‘While We’re Young’ Quotes:
“This is just like my record collection except mine are CDs.”

“When did ‘The Goonies’ become a good movie?”

“Their apartment is full of everything we once threw out.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“No place for piety.”

“Adulatory behaviour.”

“Profound respect.”

“Soviet vibe.”
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