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The Blacklist 5x08 + Z Nation 4x04&4x05 Reviewed

No. 13 Ian Garvey
WTF is Tom up to now? People yap about a suitcase. Why is Red still so powerful? Lance Henriksen appears in flashbacks. People are aghast and Red has smarmy overtones. There is frantic deception, indefensible acts, deliberately orchestrated acts, sinister intent, scant gratitude, sheer malice and plot bulletins.

Who do the bones belong to? Liz is somehow still an FBI agent and is still married to Tom? Where is their much ignored child? Liz has a hugely inflated sense of her own cleverness. People have ill-will. Didn’t Ressler have a pill addiction and an actual personality at one time? There are malign desires and designs. Tom faces dire circumstances. Decidedly nasty things happen.

This show went into a precipitous decline years ago. This is utter ludicrousness. Spader looks bored. Red sees himself as the arbiter of objectivity. This was not emotionally affecting. Liz is intensely annoying in this lurid narrative. This was okay if not splendidly dramatic. There are flashbacks to Tom being assigned to watch Liz. Red has a diabolic nature.

There is no intellectual purpose. This is rendered hollow by Liz’s wretched acting. Liz is maddening and seems to be in a befuddled stupor. Red isn’t reliably menacing or forceful. He’s wrong and evil. Tom is rueful. Red hisses threats and there are mutual recriminations. Red’s contempt for Tom appears to be all pervasive. How does Liz have any reputation or credibility after all the fatal calamities she’s been involved in? Why is the FBI still cosseting her?

There are vast levels of violence. Red is Liz’s dad, but of course. There is a flashback to Liz and Tom’s wedding. Red is a contrarian and thinks himself an incorrigible roué. Liz can’t act. Who’s in the suitcase? Thanks to Red, people with purposeful menace kill Tom in a recreation of scenes from 1x01. There is vicious intensity and why does Liz end up in a coma?

There is mumbling and Liz spends 10 months in a coma and wakes up with no side effects or thoughts of her child. Tom’s dead. Poor Tom or whatever his real name was. This was overblown and now they’ve stupidly killed Tom, there is no longer any reason to watch this show.

Best Lines:
“He was never coming.”

“Spare me your regret.”

“Absolutely certain that you must die.”

A New Mission: Keep Moving
This was excessively violent. People have negative character traits. The gang wander around a huge lot of ruined cars that are parked very neatly. Zombie rats appear to attack but they don’t. This was okay if not wondrous. Lilley gets too much attention. 10k is impeccably resentful of Murphy seeing as how he spent season 3 with ugly impersonality.

Murphy knows no limiting principle. People shrug off that 10k spent all of season 3 being told what to think and how to think by Murphy. Warren has unjustified certainty. Who booby-trapped all the zombies? Where is Citizen Z? Lucy tantrums. Murphy eats himself. Warren shows more compassion for Lucy than she did for 10k all last season.

Best Lines:
“I’m just working on my inner monologue.”

“Crazy cult lady.”

“Words of concern.”

The Unknowns
What are they doing for food or water? A truck is found, naturally it is a trap. An evil truck trap. The gang wake up in crates and are in peril. Warren is in peril and her teeth glow in the dark. They have teeth bleaching 8 years into the apocalypse?!?

Lilley spent 9 days in the trunk of a car. Do TPTB style 10k to look like Adam Driver? A weird noise blares. Who is behind this? Is there a new enemy out there? The gang are tormented like they’re in ‘Saw’. Doc and 10k discuss their love of dog food. There is strobe lighting and Murphy is bitten by a zombie. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Kidnapped and enslaved for evil purposes, again!”

“Thanks for asking.”
“I wasn’t.”

“Nobody else is so needlessly diabolical.”

“Them creepy sounds.”

“Zombie funhouse of death.”

“I love dogfood!”

“Something bad is coming.”
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