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Book Reviews: Istanbul + The Enterprise Of Death

Istanbul: A Tale Of Three Cities by Bettany Hughes
This is a long sadly floridly overwritten account of the creative myth, history and dark compelling tale of the city known as Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul. This covers epochs and features such people as Alexander, Prince Phillip’s father, Artemisia, Barbarossa, Constantine, Dareios, Edward VII, Helena, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Justinian and Theodora, Catherine The Great, Mehmed II and Florence Nightingale.

This is a tale of the rise of civilization, the birth of new religions, the rise and fall of empires, war, people with vile personalities and wanton disregard for others and the Plague Of Justinian. Somehow instead of being undeniably arresting, this was a banal and near incoherent book packed full of purple prose. Even ‘Jerusalem’ wasn’t this over-written.

Best Lines:
“Gullible Dark Ages hysterics,”


“Look out and hope that they inspired awe.”

“Corpses were piled on to ships and then sent to drift out to sea.”

“Whose Wrath I fear not.”

“Strapping nightlights to the backs of tortoises.”

The Enterprise Of Death by Jesse Bullington
I did not finish this foul book. It is full of swearing, violence, sexual violence and gloatingly awful people. This unreadable muck was the darkest and dreariest. It was woeful, offensive and jarring.

Best Line:
“She looked more sardine than woman.”
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