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Batman: White Knight 4 Reviewed

I missed issue 3 and as of yet have not found 5. What is the Batman Devastation Fund? Napier runs for Councilman. Some people have sneering hostility to Napier as the moral war goes on, while others follow him. Batman is predictably furious and full of stern disapproval. He is all sexless, heroic, stoic masculinity.

Harleen lurks. There are soap opera dramatics. Napier wants to remake the GCPD. New Harley becomes the neo-Joker. This is not deeper or darker or full of frank and well-meant observations. People are morally confused. Napier rants about social inclusion and Batman’s destructive legacy. This is not focused or impeccably crafted or lean and endearing.

Didn’t the Batsignal get smashed early on in this issue? How then is it working again a few pages later? Nightwing and Batgirl are recruited by Napier. New Harley reveals her backstory. Thomas and Martha Wayne are revealed to have had deep dark secrets. This was a tale of personal ethics, simmering hatred and a complex value system. How long has Batman been in his historical stasis? Shouldn’t he, Nightwing and Batgirl be old or dead by now? Wasn’t Batgirl in a wheelchair? People rant about social responsibility and unrealised potential and bitter pain. I felt weariness at this, it wasn’t as good as issues 1&2.

Best Lines:
“I want Napier arrested.”
“For what?”

“They’re always telling is how bad he is.”

“No one is going to run against Napier! They’re too afraid of him!”

“You’re more responsible for his existence than I am.”

“Go easy on me! I’ve only ever been a sidekick!”

“Lady Joker!”

“I’m done defending you.”

“Trusting the safety of an entire city to a stranger wearing a cape?”

“The kind of things you expect criminals to do.”

“I was free to leave at any time. But I never found a good reason to go.”
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