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Collateral 1x02 + Z Nation 4x03 Reviewed

Collateral 1x02
The dead man’s sisters are put in a detention centre. The army assassin woman faces bullying and sexism. The beat up guy continues to work at the pizza shop. The vicar and pizza shop woman know each other. The army woman speaks about her friend who died. The cops barge into pizza’s woman’s grotty flat. The cops bother the ex-bouncer and Karen for drug dealing/drug purchasing. Karen ignores her children.

Who is army woman working with? Karen rants about her childhood in Beirut. The cops annoy. The army woman’s superior snoops. John Simm bumbles. There are lies. Army woman’s boss is unpleasant and bad things happen to pizza shop woman. I did not like this.

Best Lines:
“Fell over.”
“At home.”
“Where’s home?”

“Lie beautifully.”

“Did I get the right one?”

“We don’t do promises.”

The Vanishing
What happened to The Man? Lucy is found by Murphy and Warren pretty damn quickly. Lucy is a terrible actress. Is Addie dead? Lucy is scathing about Murphy. What happened to Red and Sun Mei? There is dark terrain and new world-shaping unpleasantness. BS vendor Murphy is unworthy and inconsiderate. Doc has no pungent ire for Murphy. Lilley annoys and steals attention. This was all miserableness. 10k and his bum fluff broods. This was not innovative. There are no shared social bonds. Nobody has moral qualms. People should have calculated contempt for Murphy. 10k has a slight desperate air. The country’s been rendered dysfunctional. Lilley tries for icy composure and exuding menace.

Warren has visions that affect her drive, motivation and judgement. 10k has leaden despair. Things are profoundly bleak. Lucy acts in an incensing manner. Murphy badmouths 10k again. There is more social disintegration. The unremittingly grim-faced Henry Rollins is looking for someone. This has vague seriousness. Henry Rollins has destruction of personality as a zombie.

They have to shoot Rollins a lot and TPTB make sure we realise it’s an emotional moment. Will Lily get off my TV? Were Rollins and Lilley related? What happened to Red and Sun Mei and the other guy? Warren heads east. Did 10k really hear Red calling for help?

Best Lines:

“Ripped her face off and ate her soul.”

“No longer compatible with survival.”


“It’s the only place to go.”

“Utopian cult freakshow.”

“By the time we leave, it’s on fire.”

“Any place that’s not here.”

“Creepy threatening sounds coming from the deep dark zombie infested woods. So hey! Let’s go follow it!”
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