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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘I, Tonya’ TV spot

‘Homeland’ promo

‘Troy’ (2004) promo

‘Life Stinks’ (1991) promo

‘Hold The Sunset’ promo

‘The Walking Dead’ promo
“This is where you die!”

‘Finding Your Feet’ TV spot

Chicken, walnut & celery - yum.
Jamaica choc - good.
Vanilla & praline choc - okay.
Summer’s Dream choc - okay.
Today’s special choc - good.
Love Hearts - taste like dust.
Creama choc - yum.
Salted caramel choc - yum.
Popcorn - too salty.
Dark chocolate mint velvet edition - okay.
Gluten free Jaffa cakes - yum.

Who saw ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ or ‘Babe’ (1995) or ‘Honey’ (2003)?

Had laptop issues.

Recall pogs?

WTF are chicken oysters?

I want to see the ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ play.

The BBC has adapted ‘The Cry’?

I’d like a Margaret rose gold, silver and diamond tiara ring as well as a platinum, ruby and diamond ring. I also want a Wallace Chan titanium, diamond, sapphire, garnet, onyx, citrine, lapis lazuli and opal sea of joy brooch.

I may review ‘The Take’ and ‘Trauma’.

Who saw the ‘Tales From The Crypt’ 1990 episode ‘The Sacrifice’?

Who else read ‘Candide’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Collective identity.”

“The bridegroom scouting out a cursed burial ground or buying clothes off a tramp.”

“Played for maximum irony.”

“The male in this partnership is always presented as someone who, if left unattended would starve to death or go on fire.”

“The “Disney World” class.”

“Donald Trump is what poor people think rich people look like.”

“Conferred credentials.”

“Martha’s Vineyard - Disney World for people with degrees.”

“Feel honoured less.”

“Not been acknowledged or responded to.”

“Irish banks: making customers angry since at least 1760.”

“The stupid person’s smart man.”

“Tribalistic condemnation.”

“Indefinite loan.”

“Not necessarily amenable to change, busy spaces or crowds.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Lives being actively lived?”

“Psychological and existential weight.”

“The sedation necessary to endure this.”

“Feel I have no personality.”

“To withstand nuclear attack (no right angles, super-strength glass).”

“How to commemorate recent horrors when many still dispute them.”

“Remember the past as greater than it was.”


“It’s only fun being a nonconformist if you live in a stable society to begin with,”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Functional barbarism.”

“Imagined separateness.”

“Cultural coin.”

“Beyond living memory,”

“Claimed-to-be historical narrative.”

“To shame and punish - almost invariably at no cost to themselves-”

“Ancestral antipathies.”

“Prophesying doom.”

“Not safe in the room.”

“I don’t feel listened to.”

“Unearned wealth.”

“Deliberate withdrawal of love at an early age-”

“They did the very least possible.”

“Employed so many dreadful men.”

“Represents everything I dislike in life.”

“Children who wonder who this strange person is.”

‘Istanbul’ Quotes:
“Epoch-forming intervention.”

“Zeus, the King of the gods, was, as usual, having an affair with a mortal-”

“The Greeks - who invented the notion of history and so were very adept at writing themselves into it.”

“From an age before history had been invented,”


“Over 320 generations’ worth of humanity.”

“His ambition did not die with him.”

“Notoriously pleasure-denying.”

“Spartans despised city walls,”


“Mainly in relation to other men’s ambitions.”

‘Hold The Sunset’ Quotes:
“Cultural and social ephemera.”

“Delusional expectations syndrome.”

“Bugger poor people.”

‘Homeland’ Quote:
“Blame it on hormones.”

‘The Guardians’ Quotes:
“Wasn’t overburdened with career options.”

She spent her days being unpleasant to all those around her, especially her husband, though they did share a mutual interest in golf, fascism and racism.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Of an illicit nature.”

“Fairly intense.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Used by dubious people.”

“No such mercy apparent.”

‘How To Spend It’ Quote:
“All poignant reminders of a vanished civilisation.”

‘Deadly Lessons’ Quotes:
“She’s evil once she gets started.”

“To know her was not to care for her. Unless you’re Lauren Peel.”

“Little Sherlocks.”
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