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The Shadow/Batman 2 Reviewed

The Shadow stomps around Batman’s grim reality. Batman has a child Robin who is his son: Damian. When did that happen? Who or what are the Silent Seven? Damian beats people up. Batman has a HUGE bike. Indeterminate evil must be faced. The Shadow makes an entrance. I’ve no idea what is going on or why. I felt a tide of indifference for this. Ra’s Al Ghul plans nefarious activities. Everyone has suppressed neurosis.

There is a mention of Moriarty (yeah, that one). Damian tantrums, he’s a titch who needs a damn good trashing. He’s full of deep personal bitterness and is incredibly unpleasant. Who cares what the imperious malevolent egos want? Batman and The Shadow fight. Why is the Shadow immortal? Margo Lane is dead. Yeah, and? Nobody has amiability. There is no originality or creativity. People are ambivalent to decorum. This irritates and frustrates and has no downbeat realism.

Best Lines:
“He’s not winning!”

“Murder golem.”

“Society advances at our allowance. We hold the rudder of history.”
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