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Batman: White Knight 2 Reviewed

Jack Napier the former Joker is released after making good points about corruption and failure in Gotham. Where is Backport? Is Napier’s plan to change the city a long con? Harley Quinn shows up and it turns out she’s not the original. The real Harleen shows up. She and Jack get back together after he apologises. Bruce and Mr Freeze work together.

Jack and Harleen discuss the mess Joker made of their lives. Can Jack be fully cured? What did Joker do to Jason Todd? Is Jason Todd dead? Bruce learns the 1% profit off of Batman’s crime fighting. Jack hangs out with Gotham’s criminal element as part of some unclear plan. Poison Ivy, Two Face, Penguin, Riddler, Killer Croc and possibly Scarecrow are among them. This was good.

So who has moral status? Tired assumptions and ethical barriers are tossed aside. New Harley is smuggly giddy. Jack and Harleen seem deeply affected by Joker. There is societal disapproval. Bruce has a bleak visage and is no moral beacon. He seems reprehensible and bitterly acrimonious.

Batman is still Jack’s motivating force. There is mutual loathing, heartsore memories, compromised credibility and verbal aggression. Jack encourages hatred towards Batman. This is not profoundly moving. Batman has had a significant impact on Gotham. People have unsettling confusion and new Harley seems downright crazy. This was quite compelling. Jack and Harleen have warped yearnings.

Have they truly shrugged off their darkness and extremity? Bruce is all emptiness and isolation and does little to endear himself to
others. Why is Alfred sick?

Best Lines:
“Turning me into the boogeyman they needed.”

“You left me. And an entirely new Harley took over? Why didn’t I notice?”

“Vigilantism has been normalized.”

“Due process didn’t work in Gotham.”

“Go put on some freaking makeup and let’s rob something!”

“A violent cheerleader with a bigger rack?”

“Everything we do is usually so gloomy.”

“One of the many things you never bothered to notice.”

“Bat impact zones.”

“That’s when it stopped being funny--”
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