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Harper’s Island Ep 8 Review


I’m a wedding guest, get me out of here!

Shea’s deficient parenting skills may get everyone killed as Madison is missing. Why didn’t Shea watch her child? Someone is shot, someone is hit with arrows and a main suspect dies. Meanwhile the poor yappy drug runs around the woods all cold and shaking.

The Sheriff falls foul of a trap in the woods, people creep around in the dark, Cal finds a skull in the incinerator and Henry finds Richard stuck to a tree. Also somehow all the phones and power have been cut off. Where are all the other island residents while the wedding guests run around screeching?

Chloe sensibly makes a list of all the missing presumed dead. The twits don’t leave. This was okay, but I thought this show would be better.

Best Lines:
“If you’d killed yourself the first time, none of this would be happening.”

“You’d better run, next time I see you you’re dead.”
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