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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Overboard’ (2018) trailer
Anna Faris is a cleaner who wants to be a nurse and is bothered by a rich man. Rich guy gets amnesia and she pretends he is her husband. He has to work construction and is mocked by manly men blue collar men. No.

Best Lines:
“He is the devil.”

“I love having a fake husband.”

‘Justice League’ post-credits scene
Lex is in jail, no he isn’t. Who is the guy in the cell? Lex hides out on a massive yacht. Deathstroke shows up in not inconspicuous costume. Deathstroke looks ridic, like bad cosplay.

Best Lines:
“He and his odd little friends.”

“God’s return out of the ground and back up into the sky.”

Wild Cherry Pepsi - good.
Honey & almond choc - nice.
Cream mint chocolate - okay.
Nut sublime choc - yum.
Crunchy praline choc - okay.
Black Beauty choc - no.

They’re rebooting ‘Murphy Brown’?

WTF is pain therapy?

Who saw ‘House Party’ or ‘The Beach’ or ‘Four Brothers’ (2005) or ‘Blood Diamond’ (2006) or ‘Death Wish’ (1974) or ‘When The Levees Broke’ (2006)?

A Brazilian restaurant I wanted to try has closed, along with a pizza place.

A bracelet I had for years fell apart.

Dan Futterman of ‘The Birdcage’ is now a writer?

Who watched ‘Copper’?

‘Daily Mail’ Quote:
Glare at anyone lingering.”

‘BBC’ Quotes:
“Looking after her precious quails.”

“He said, in a way that wasn’t wholly convincing.”

“Couldn’t help but wonder if the crack fumes had something to do with its silence.”

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“All gold-diggers do.”

“What’s not wrong?”

“Intellectual rubbish.”

“You are the lowest there is.”

“You are so poisonous.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Earth-shattering pain.”

“Vocal critic.”

“Structured its society accordingly.”

“Genuinely frightened of future threats.”

“Fallen out of the developed world.”


“Have no exit option.”

“Looking for a rampart to which he could retreat in the event of outright civilisational collapse.”

“Unfurling cultural fever dream.”

“Apocalyptic unease.”

“Near-hysterical rotundity.”

“Cognitive elite.”

“Patriarchal gaze.”

“Expected to squeeze into tight-fitting, low-cut dresses and totter on impossible heels in order to serve the gaze of those who will judge whether they are marketable or not.”

“Enforced a high-heels rule.”

“Life-threatening navigational errors.”


“Snobbish resistance.”

“Who thought that saying things such as this made him look suave and classic rather than clichéd and tedious.”

“Appalled one viewer in Essex so much he kicked in his television.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Funeral brawl.”

“Averagely unhappy.”

“Ongoing fetishisation of mid-20th century iconography.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“A documentary? Nobody watches those!”

“Fascist enabling.”

“What about learning?”
“No longer part of our mandate.”

“I’m growing a moustache under my long nose!”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“Halloween is a celebration of handouts and encourages a welfare state mentality in our kids.”

“I know horrible women.”

“Running is for criminals and showoffs.”

“Mommy rage.”

‘Broken River’ Quotes:
“Invented a wrong for it to have done.”

“An informal shelter for the marginalized, angry, disenfranchised and mentally ill.”
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