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Secret Empire 0 + Batman: White Knight 1 Reviewed

Secret Empire 0
How Steve Rogers took over. Nobody noticed his ill-will cos they trusted him so much. This has the necessary dour tone. No. Steve has an unbendable will.

Batman: White Knight 1
Batman is in Arkham Asylum (with his cowl still on) and the Joker is now sane and known as Jack Napier. Flashback to one year ago to explain how all this went down. Batman asserts his moral purity and orchestrated loathing of the Joker by carrying out a highly publicised assault on him. Batman force fed the Joker pills which led him to become sane and begin an organised hate campaign against Batman. Joker calls himself Jack Napier and impugns the integrity of the GCPD and casts moral judgment on Batman, he has a point.

Why is Batman so threat focused and reckless? Why does he get away with causing so much property destruction? Batman acts with increasing abandon to the visceral discomfort of Nightwing and Batgirl. This was good and intriguing. Is Jack Napier truly reformed or does everything he do have a vaguely sinister air as he incites hated against Batman.

Best Lines:
“Do what I did: leave.”

“His perceived reputation.”

“Allowing a weirdo to fight crime in his underwear--what kind of city lets that happen?”

“Do you own any buildings without secret passageways?”

“Driving an unlicensed weaponized tank.”

“Is that Nightwing or Robin? I’ve lost track because they keep disappearing.”

“The only reason Gotham allows you to exist is because they’re so terrified of me!”
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