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Movie Review: Pandemonium (1982) + Serving In Silence + Gia

Pre stardom Carol Kane, Judge Reinhold, Paul Rubens, Phil Hartman and Eileen Brennan star in this horror spoof which scrapes the bottom of the barrel a la ‘Student Bodies’ and ‘Wacko’. This presents itself as a movie that is totally taste free, that is a truthful statement.

A woman rubs a guy’s jockstrap on her face. A Mountie, his trusty horse and his sidekick (Rubens) must track down a killer stalking co-eds and cheerleaders. A spear is thrown and impales 5 cheerleaders bloodlessly. There is exposition and a cheerleading camp which always ends in death. A girl has a crazy mother (Brennan) who rants about dirty pillows.

There is an actual black sheep, an escaped lunatic and the principle from ‘Grease’ and ’Grease 2’ has a cameo. People are not especially constructive, just unreasonable tools. But still this is nasty and sexist. It makes fun of a woman who wants to avoid rape and an obsessive toothbrusher is killed in a loathsome rape fantasy scene. This was unrelentingly unfunny dourness that was puerile and not edgy or rebellious.

Best Lines:
“I’m gonna sleep with truck drivers and get crabs!”

“Satan is within my child.”

“Eat white bread without the crust.”

“Half time salute to vegetables.”

“Cheerleaders only!”

“Your shirt is 3 years out of style. Hit the road.”

“Pom pom press.”

“Cram it clown.”

“Made his escape with some power tools.”

“Murdered his entire family with a hand drill.”

“Why can’t I go to the asylum?”

“This must be the act of a maniac.”
“Either that, or a very large chef.”

Serving In Silence (1995)

Gia (1998)
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