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The Inside Ep 12 Review

As the team investigate yet another dark case, Rebecca runs into Cory. He was her love interest in 'The Perfect Couple' but did a runner after a glimpse at the VCTF world. Now he tries again with Rebecca. Anyway at a child's birthday party a dvd turns out to contain a nasty movie. Nasty enough to draw the attention of the VCTF.

The case ties together a very rich man (played by Keith Szarabajka of 'Profit' and 'Angel'), a missing girl, horrific secrets and a twist ending. This was good, subject matter aside.

There was some meta dialogue about Rebecca always solving the crimes o'the week making the other VCTF members superfluous, Paul got shot and then stood around in a vest looking sad and Webb sabotaged Rebecca's relationship with Cory before it ever got going. Webb is such a freak.

Best Lines:
"This guy stinks."
"Yeah, I don't think he was too minty when he was alive."
"He didn't have bugs in his gaping neck wound."
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