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Movie Review: Ricki And The Flash (2015)

Meryl Strep and Kevin Kline star in this tale of Ricki who is mutton dressed as lamb, also her real name is Linda. Ricki (formerly Linda) walked out on her husband and three children to be a rock star, she failed and ended up singing (badly) covers of other people’s songs in a dive bar. There is no powerful explanatory factor for why. This is plainly doomed.

Ricki is selfish and broke and is a damaged damaging person. She is perfectly dreadful in her badly done loudness. She dresses like a hooker and has no moral purpose. This is not a visceral production as she has a joyful rejection of her family. She’s not conciliatory, one of children is being divorced and another is getting married so she finally shows up to pay some attention to them.

This is mind-bendingly boring as Ricki is selfish and horrible and a source of conflict. She faces moral criticism and her singing is ear-shredding. Yet she has an inherent idea of herself. She’s not a moral arbiter or a moral guide and lacks moral capacity. She feels no moral obligation or moral duty to her kids. The ending is all schmaltzy uplift as she makes her son’s wedding all about her. She is consistently infuriating and motiveless.

This is not unbearably poignant. Ricki deserves unremitting hostility. This was absurdly irrelevant and ruinously unsuccessful. Ricki whines about falling foul of social mores. Her kids are unapologetically angry. Ricki has knowing egotism and this is not unalloyed joy. Ricki has falser humility and felt morally entitled to walk out on her family. This is not a tale of hard-won truthfulness and moral lessons.

Best Lines:
“You shut me out of this family.”

“I wanted the kids to have a mother who was there!”

“That was 1988.”

“Do you always dress like a hooker from ‘Night Court‘?”

“You don’t really give a damn.”

“You guys are fighting, like the 80s all over again.”

“Oh my god she’s parenting, someone get a camera!”
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