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Book Review: Bastard Prince

Bastard Prince: Henry VIII’s Lost Son by Beverley A. Murphy
There was deep uncertainty over Henry VIII’s heir and overshadowed by his siblings (Mary, Elizabeth and Edward) there was Henry Fitzroy the illegitimate son of the king. Henry Fitzroy could have been king if things had been different and he hadn’t died young. This indifferently written biography tells of his short life. This sadly leaves you stupefied with boredom and dissatisfaction.

Best Lines:
“A most infamous reputation.”

“He was a loving father to all his children, unless circumstances dictated otherwise.”

“Policy of preferment.”

“Intended to be rejected.”

“Anne Boleyn had been given precedence at the table over the Duchess of Norfolk and the king’s own sister.”

“The duke could display the weight of his father’s affection on his sideboard.”

“No park nor game to show sport nor pleasure to my friends.”

“The queen’s only real security was Henry’s affection, the child she carried and the King’s first wife.”

“I have never read scripture, nor never will read it. It was merry in England afore the new learning came up; yea, I would all things were as hath been in times past.”

“Whose ambition was rather greater than his abilities.”

“Expressed rather more graphically than was prurdent.”

“Cursed and poisoning whore.”

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